Opportunity Assessment Tool

The Opportunity Assessment Tool (OAT) is a dedicated series of conversations and workshops designed to take stock of ideas for resilience building actions generated through the resilience strategy development process.

100RC has developed the OAT as a design and decision support tool intended to help facilitate collaborative project identification and resilience initiative prioritization.  The design of the OAT builds off of approaches used throughout the 100RC Network with three core design principles in mind:

  • Useful: format that reflects learnings and best practices from cities around the globe that have completed Resilience Strategies and are implementing resilience initiatives
  • Flexible: format that allows each city to customize an approach that works best for them while reducing the need to come up with an approach from scratch
  • Consistent: format that reflects the taxonomy used in other 100RC tools and processes

The OAT spreadsheet gathers information about potential initiatives in a 4-step process. The steps go from high-level to detailed, allowing users to expend energy entering more detailed information only for those initiatives that are being taken forward at each step.

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